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AirLand aims to provide a central list of links to downloadable versions of the key unclassified documents pertinent to Air land Integration.

Close Air Support doctrine, planning and execution


ATP-27 (C) AJP-3.3.2 – Air Interdiction and Close Air Support

Joint Publication 3-09.3 – Close Air Support


STANAG 3797  was replaced in July 2013 by ATP-80,  MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS FOR FORWARD AIR CONTROLLERS & LASER OPERATORS IN SUPPORT OF FORWARD AIR CONTROLLERS, Edition A Version 1. It is available at the link below.

ATP-80 Edn A Ver01

The final version (Ed 4) of STANAG 3797 is available from the link below to enable easy comparison between the old and new standards.

STANAG 3797 Ed.4  – Minimum Qualifications For Forward Air Controllers And Laser Operators In Support Of Forward Air Controllers


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