Currency Training

AirLand offers a bespoke service to meet your particular training needs. A typical client requirement is for a 5 day currency programme with 2 days of ground school and 3 days of practical training. We use a combination of classroom, simulator and our own Contract Air to provide a full refresher and currency package delivered by our Certified and Qualified SupFACs. The package includes Basic FAC procedures covering Type 1, Type 2 and 3 Close Air Support (CAS) Terminal Attack Controls in both Permissive and Non-Permissive environments, use of Targeting Pods and Full Motion Video Down Link. The practical training is delivered with our Contract Air platform operated by CAS experienced aircrew who all have recent operational experience. We can of course operate on UHF or VHF comms and with analogue or digital FMV VDL as required. For more experienced FACs or pre- deployment training AirLand can deliver tactical Battle Exercises (BE) incorporating the full range of Joint Fires Integration (JFI) skills, Practical field exercises are designed to test trainees while providing them with the instruction they need to succeed in the complex and demanding arena of ALI.