Forward Air Control (FAC) Operations

FAC operations are where Air Land Integration (ALI) is delivered to the Land Environment by Air Power. Conventional and Special Operations Forces require trained personnel to integrate Air Power to deliver Close Air Support, often to Troops in Contact. This requires qualified and experienced FACs to safely and accurately identify Blue, Red,  Green and White players on the battlefield and to manage the Collateral Damage Estimate process. This minimises both the risk to Blue Forces and the impact to non-combatants and infrastructure. In a Counter Insurgency (COIN) environment, the misapplication of Air Power or the inadvertent injury of a non-combatant can have a strategic impact on the progress of the mission.

AirLand is focussed on achieving the mission and ensuring that our ALI teaching and delivery is always in accordance with the strategic intent of our clients.

Joint Close Air Support Memorandum of Understanding (JCAS MOA)

AirLand has first hand experience of the JCAS MOA Accreditation process.

We can advise on the accreditation process and assist in preparing a FAC / JTAC Programme that meets the requirements of the JCAS MOA. This can include audits of existing programmes, change recommendations, preparation for the formal assessment and accreditation visit as well as ongoing assistance in compliance.

FAC Equipment Evaluation and Training

The AirLand team has many years of experience in selecting, procuring and delivering training on FAC specific equipment. This includes FAC Ground to Air radios, Target Locating equipments such as GPS receivers, Laser Range Finders (LRF), Laser Target Designators (LTD), Full Motion Video (FMV) receivers, Digitally Aided CAS (DACAS) terminals, Thermal Imagers (TI), and Night CAS devices such as Infra Red (IR) Lasers, Helmet Mounted Night Vision Systems (HMNVS) and Passive Night Goggles (PNG).

FAC Services

AirLand can also provide FAC services to nations and organisations that require swift access to trained and experienced FAC personnel for short or long deployments, whether in instructional, training or operational roles.

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US terminology

Note: US terminology differs in that the NATO role of Forward Air Controller is referred to as a  Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC), although the roles are not identical. US forces define a Forward Air Controller as an officer (aviator/pilot) member of the tactical air control party who, from a forward ground or airborne position, controls aircraft in close air support of ground troops. The UK and NATO do not differentiate between pilot qualified and non-pilot qualified FACs in this way.