Battlespace Management (BM) Doctrine & Training

We are able to advise and instruct on Battlespace Management (BM) procedures.

  • BM  in the J5 Plans stage
  • Use of Ops boxes for ground deconfliction
  • 3D/Air BM in a ground op
  • 3D/Air BM Deconfliction Measures
  • Restricted Operation Zone (ROZ) Considerations & Management
  • HIDACZ Procedures
  • Procedural Control of air assets
  • Joint Fires Integration impacts
  • Battle Exercises designed to fully test participants in their knowledge and application of Joint Fires Tactics, Techniques and Procedures

Air Land Integration staff have extensive experience of planning and conducting BM procedures at all levels in the modern battlefield from Platoon to Brigade level operations.

As well as off the shelf training we are able to develop and instruct bespoke training packages.

We are also able to provide in theatre solutions / consultation services to organisations with requirements for three dimensional Battlespace Management.